make the world a better place with sustainable ART,
hang it on the wall and have a nice conversation
or experience every detail by your own imagination.

The choice of the materials is the message

„A lot of people who are in wealthy positions come from a poor
environment, it reminds them where they come from and where
they go.“

The members of „the smiling millionaires“ are PETing-sculptures,
made with recycled PET from empty food package, other recycled
materials and gold leaves. 

This is why I love the PET bottle:

For me the transparent material and the shape of the PET bottle as an iconic symbol, that everyone knows, itself is an artistic refugium, in which I feel save to store my dreams into. It is because it puts them in an isolated distance but still visible. A PET bottle can have a great travelhistory because as a fact, it is the most durable and long lasting food container on earth. A bottle is an iconic symbol that everyone in the world has seen and everybody has different emotions on. I look forward to give more value to the in my eyes precious object, that has details, not seen before. I’d love to take you with me on that Journey.